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About Us

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About TOTO's

Nestled on Byron Street in residential Wantagh, NY, is TOTO'S, a new Italian Steakhouse. We specialize in prime meats and offer a selection of pastas, veal and fish.

Roughly 20 years ago, owner, Tom Ulaj, owned the historic Jones Beach Hotel and established the top-rated Northern Italian restaurant Per'Un'Angelo onsite, which has since closed. Now, he's decided to return to the same location with one of the original chefs from Villa D' Aqua, located in Bellmore, NY.

Owner Tom Ulaj is a charming and gracious host who received his formal training in restaurant management
in Europe. During his 50 year career, he has owned restaurants in New Jersey, Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island and brings his knowledge and expertise to the newly renovated TOTO'S. Tom is a recipient of the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Restaurant and Hospitality Sciences for outstanding achievement in the hospitality industry.

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